Year 2-Week 7&8- Imagination has Power

From Master Key Lesson 8: Thought results in action, if your thought is constructive and harmonious, the result will be good; if your thought is destructive or inharmonious, the result will be evil.”

As you can tell by my blog title that it looks like time has passed me by.  But this time has been so precious, so powerful.  I would not have missed it for the world.  And I owe my skills, my success, my happiness, my current state of euphoria to the Master Key Experience (MKE) and the angels that lead it, Mark J and the Fabulous Davene.  These last 2 weeks I saw both sides of the above lesson 8 statement.    On one side, the reactions of people from the election results (perceived evil) for which I was undisturbed; and on the other side, the magical experience in the hospital with my husband for his 2nd knee replacement surgery. We had a ball with the nurses that took care of both of us since I stayed overnight to support him.  I have managed so many details in the last 2 weeks between my job, my coaching certification training (from last year’s DMP), cooking, cleaning, changing bandages, replacing ice packs, giving healing Reiki!!  But I haven’t flinched for a minute.  Both of these situations I owe to the 7 Day Mental Diet as well as all of the MKE daily practices that have empowered me to visual or imagine and manifest a great life from moment to moment, imagination has power!!! This 7 day practice is about having ‘no opinion’. For years I have excluded TV, radio, newspaper.  This past year, since ‘no opinion’, I cruise thru Facebook appreciating, acknowledging and celebrating, taking special care to not ‘LIKE’ to leave my opinion.  I make sure I only promote possibility, partnership, and self-responsibility on social media.  This practice has given me a whole new world of clarity, being present to my commitments, and ‘greeting each day with love in my heart’.  Even when things don’t go my way, it takes me a way shorter time to get over the upset and then euphoria returns again.

You know the statements: ‘IT IS AS GOOD AS IT GETS’ or ‘COULD LIFE GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS’ or ‘ BEYOND MY WILDEST DREAMS’.  The Master Key Experience blows these cliches out of the water in describing a successful life.  Being a self-directed thinker, which is the intended outcome of the MKE, in not taking on the beliefs of the status quo will give you a life of unprecedented success and fulfillment.  But there really are no words that describe the feeling of shouting your definite major purpose (DMP) out loud with enthusiasm.

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To Your Greatness,


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Debbie Daniels

Awesome post! I want to come back here and look through your website! Very interesting!

Jonathan Davis

Jeanne, your post is a wonderfully rich testimonial to the Master Keys and the effects it has manifested in your life. I really liked your sharing how you cruise right through FB! All the best to you and your husband in his healing.

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