Week 8-Master Key Experience- Now This is Living!

So many new things happened to me and for me over the past week and even while I was on vacation.  I actually feel like a whole new person.  For example, for the past eight weeks I have been in a walking program sponsored by my employer. The first 4 weeks I walked 5k steps every day and then the second 4 weeks I increased to 10k steps per day every day!! The program ended on this past Sunday.  But what this activity has created for me is I still do 10k steps a day.  I was working on steps even at the airport returning home on Monday and feeling so proud and not caring whether people thought I was crazy walking in circles around the airport departure gate.  I now wear sneakers every day to work as my ‘compass’ reminding me of my continued commitment.  This type of result has never happened to me before.

Another area I have gotten ultimate clarity around as part of my definite major purpose (DMP) is how I am going to share my message to the world about living a partnership mindset by using blogging, teleseminars, and workshops.  The entire picture of what that will look like by 2017 came together this past weekend.  And of course, I updated my DMP! My incredible guide, she is so patient with me supporting me as I evolve.

I would like to suggest that all of these happenings are the effect of to name a few activities, is doing the 7 day mental diet, having a Movie Board and reading and listening to the recording of my DMP and Press Release every day many times a day.  I am a changed person.  I’ve never felt this self-confident and so clear of my future before.

One final effect that happened last week has to do with a reoccurring experience of never being able to see a play because of the taller person in front of me since I am short.  Well, I manifested an aisle seat and saw the entire stage of a Broadway play with no obstructions.  Now this is living!!!!!!

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Great post and great job, Jeanne. I am so happy for you! Way to go!


It is clear you are finding your within and changing your world without…
Looking forward to week 9 Mahalo

Lisa Domingo



Such an inspiring post… more power to you!


Not that’s living!! LOVE IT


Yes! Yes! Yes! I have so much fun reading your blogs. You always put a smile on my face. I love your positive energy.


Jeanne!!!! I love how you are using your sneakers as your compass to remind you of your commitment. I may have to borrow that. 😀 Congrats on your achievements and on getting great tickets to the play!

Anthony G. Carr (@MKMMA_Carr)

Keep stepping! How powerful are these four colors and shapes, “Do it now” is the spark that ignites action… we come alive and proud to be in control… gives way to clarity.

Melanie Godwin

5’2″ Melanie says GO GIRL! Manifest away…..

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