If you want to free yourself from the lasting effects of emotional wounds and limiting beliefs, I invite you to contact me to schedule time to talk about how this emotional healing process works.

Emotional Healing can help you if:

  • you are tired of hurting and not knowing how to make it stop
  • you have a broken heart that needs to heal
  • you have an emotional injury that you think is too big to heal
  • someone or something in your life is unforgivable
  • you have anger you can’t get rid of
  • there anything you want in life but can’t get yourself to act on it
    • or anything you want to stop but yet you keep doing it
  • you are tired of the nagging tape running in your head
  • complaints (your own or others’) wipe you out or waste your time
  • you want to let go of the past, but you can’t, or don’t know how